Global access to water: the time is now to act
Publiée le 6 September 2017

The UN's World Water Report of 2017 states that 80% of used water is disposed of without any treatment without considering the consequences on the ecosystem and the fact that it's a waste of vital resources. It's estimated that 2.6 million people die each year due to diseases caused by lack of water and an unsanitary environment.It is definitely more than time to act

Hydric stress, a large-scale phenomenon

It's actually a problem of equality to the access of water that's mentioned. If we consider that this is a fundamental right, it's clearly not being respected. Hydric stress, in its ecological definition, touches the most of the planet's inhabitants, 85% of them live in the most arid zones on Earth. Without a large-scale decrease in water usage, global water shortage could reach up to 40% in 2030.  

The urgency of this situation is clear and if there isn't any global change in the next few years the shortage of drinkable water could increase immensely. If drinkable water is really considered a “fundamental right” since 2010 by the UN, change could come from everyone's engagement.

Promote innovative initiatives

There actually are innovative initiatives like the Safe Water Cube developed by French engineer Jean-Paul Augereau, after a near death experience due to sepsis caused by ingesting contaminated water while traveling . But other innovative initiatives are emerging but it's difficult for them to crystallise due to a lack of financing. Whereas States aren't the most reliable, solidarity, once combined with know-how and innovation, doesn't have any limits.  

Why not simply give the possibility to engineers to develop their projects which would let a family in African megalopolises consume drinkable water without risk? This is exactly how Solylend wants to shift participative financing and support impactful innovation able to address problems linked with a lack of access to resources.  

This is where our motto "Act together" starts to make sense. Let's help this innovator export his project to those who need it the most. "There's strength in numbers" as the proverb goes and it's by working together that we'll imagine and solidify a global change for access to drinkable water to everyone. Do you have a project that could change the world and revolutionise access to water? Don't waste any time and join the community of solidary borrowers at Solylend.