233 thank yous!
Publiée le 26 July 2017

After 45 days of fast-paced collection, the Moon campaign has made its verdict: more than 100,000 euros collected, a record amount and new projects on their way.  

What an excellent beginning! Our first project: Moon, carried out by Sunna Design, a company based in Bordeaux, has raised 105,000 euros, a first for a debut project set up by a French platform and more so in the social and solidarity sector. It's thanks to you that Moon will become a reality. To our first 233 lenders, we say: thank you! And moreover, it's just the beginning.

Project Moon is now a reality

Thanks to you, more than 500 solar kits can be distributed to Senegalese villages to better their day-to-day lives. To clarify things: Moon is a kit comprised of a solar panel, a battery, 3 LED lights and a USB outlet to charge portable devices. The kit also includes a smartphone adapted to activities and the local network connection which will help allow the villagers reimburse their kits.

Now that funds have been sent to Sunna Design, the kits are being sent to Casamance, a rural region of Senegal. The goals of Sunna Design are to bring together a community of users but more importantly to create local jobs with these kits. These kits will be sold in a rather particular shop: an autonomous mobile container which creates electricity thanks to solar power: a pop-up store in the desert!

Now what?

Now, you can follow the progress of the project and its development! Sunna Design and Solylend are engaged in providing you with up-to-date information on the advancement of the project, emblematic for  these companies. The goal is to first furnish these kits to the most families possible, and then to develop naturally so that the Moon kit goes beyond its Senegalese borders.

This project is just the first stepping stone for Solylend, which was translated by a success. But for the President-Founder of Solylend, Nicolas Pereira, we have to keep looking further. "The success of the Moon funding campaign, lets us envision what's next peacefully and motivated! Other projects will quickly arrive on the platform. This is just the beginning!

Stay connected! Solylend's adventure is just beginning.