Providing electricity to Africa is possible!
Publiée le 8 June 2017

Access to energy is a major developmental problem in African countries, however solutions do exist. When innovation facilitates electrification.

Providing electricity to Africa is one of the greatest challenges of this century. Even if this problem was highlighted by Jean-Louis Borloo, past Minister of the Environment, he now seems to  heading in a different direction. There's however much more to do for innovative and grass-root players, like Solylend.

Responding to durable necessity

It's estimated that in 2014, approximately 600 million Africans didn't have access to energy, especially in rural areas. It's actually centralised network systems that are apparently insufficient. A study from PWC shows that only 30% of needs could be covered by the extent of these centralised networks.  

It suffices to find solutions, especially in distribution channels on a community, a village or more likely a house-to-house scale. This close-to-home production could be conducted through renewable energies. Companies like Sunna Design are proposing exactly this through solar energy.  

Crowdlending's impact

Nowadays, one of the main challenges for these projects to see the light is its capacity in finding financing. Even though governmental initiatives exist, private sector could play a role with innovative companies providing new  solutions. State-private partnerships help more ambitious initiatives guarantee clean and autonomous lighting to off-grid communities.  

Participative financing or crowdlending could therefore play a decisive role in installing renewable energy infrastructures in Africa. This is where Solylend comes in by proposing a solution through crowdlending to individuals who would like to make their savings more meaningful. Providing electricity to Africa is a gigantic project where everyone's helping hand is welcome. Yours could change the life of rural communities who's only source of light is that of a flame.  

Don't hesitate to act for change with Solylend and invest now in Moon, our first lighting project in Africa.