Savings and Lending with Solylend
Publiée le 23 May 2017

Discover everything that needs to be known about solidarity lending and how your savings could benefit people's development.

In France, according to INSEE, household savings in “cash and deposit” financial assets amounts to 1379 billion euros. Even if some politicians wish they could use this money to resorb debt, instead it could be used to finance the real economy, especially in developing countries.

Make your savings useful

This is what Solylend offers you with the slogan "make your savings meaningful". When most of our money is lying unspent in banks, why not invest it into building a school in Senegal? with an extra interest rate to top it of? By proposing an investment in solidarity projects, Solylend makes your money useful with less risk than buying stocks on the stock exchange for example.  

More than just meaningfulness and security, this is where your sense of solidarity comes in. In fact, here we're talking about financing durable projects for people who are more often than not missing what's the most important. Water, electricity, infrastructure... The needs of these populations are many as well as the need for large investments that are well carried out so that the end product is durable.  

This is how your savings could help these really useful projects that would benefit the people with great needs. Thanks to you, tomorrow young children who do their homework with the light of a candle, could catch a glimpse of a brighter tomorrow.  

Principles of lending

Solylend works on a crowdlending basis meaning : a person lends money to a company Having origins in crowdfunding, this form of loan legalized in France since 2014, allows for a higher level of reactivity as well as more flexible financing for projects.

With Solylend, now you're the bank! The concept is simple: you loan any amount you wish to a project of your choice, you follow the development of the project financed thanks to blockchain. Moreover, like a bank loan, you'll progressively get reimbursed every month with interest.

So, don't hesitate anymore! Trust crowdlending with Solylend and discover projects needing financing on our platform now.